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There are as many kinds of travellers as there are people in this world. Some people take short vacations once or twice a year and then return to the country of their birth where they have a life, a home and a regular job. Some save for years to have enough money to splurge on one, long, country-binging round-the-world trip, and then again, return to the place they call home. But for some, travelling itself becomes a lifestyle, and seeing how much beauty and diversity there is the world, and how longer periods are needed to make sense of it, choose to become nomads and to redefine the meaning of ‘home’. I am such a traveller. My lifelong ambition is not to own an expensive car or a big house in the suburbs, but rather, to earn the title of citizen of the world. Considering the fact that I have never earned a lot of money, I often find myself choosing to save for a new trip instead of buying a new dress or shoes (there for some clichés about women). I am only just at the beginning of my journey, but there is time, hopefully, and many corners of the world where to linger, which to learn to love and also, in the meantime, where to find a way of making a living.

Moving your entire life every so often and learning to live out of a suitcase is certainly challenging, and the piles and piles of requirements to meet and documents to fill are definitely daunting, but it teaches you to work for what you really want, to be strong, be creative, and to think laterally.

As for this blog, it is an attempt at many things; at providing useful and reliable information about places I’ve visited and/or lived in; at covering a destination in more than just a couple of general posts; at capturing the spirit of a place and getting under its skin; at inspiring people and showing how somehow, even if you are far from a millionaire and not the most confident person in the world (I am rather shy, actually) you can still do it. You just have to be prepared to compromise a little and to take the long way round if that is the only option. Just to take my example, my initial plan was to move to somewhere in Asia, surrounded by blooming sakura trees and mystical temples. I wound up in Switzerland, surrounded by… cows.

But this, after all, will be a long journey, so come back frequently to check out new content (the blog is updated once or twice a week), browse my book shop for travel book, guidebook and fiction recommendations, sign up for an email subscription if you want new posts delivered directly to your inbox, and feel free to add comments with feedback and suggestions.

What you will find on this blog:

Travel Stories

Travel suggestions and ‘how to’ articles

Expat information about countries I’ve lived in

Photo posts that capture places

Travel book reviews and recommendations



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