While ‘Den Den’ sounds quite cartoonish and often reminds me of some kind of disease name (something along the lines of, ‘You’ve got the Den Den fever Sir’ or ‘You’ve been bitten by the Den Den fly as you were paddling through the Congo’), it’s actually a nickname I was given when I was still young and which stuck after that. In fact, I quite like the sound of it. It’s what my family and closest friends call me, but my real name is Denise Pulis, which is also funny because name and surname rhyme, something my mother forgot to notice after 12 hours of labour and which I will never, ever forgive her, since this particular choice caused an endless series of jokes at my expense during primary and secondary school, including a lengthy poem written for me by my classmates, where they pretty much likened me to and made me do something with every word that rhymed with ‘Pulis’, pronounced puliiiis, not puuulis – I won’t even start talking about the implications of the latter pronunciation…

But enough about me…read a little bit more about…well…me, but also about the history and purpose of this blog in the ‘About Den Den’ and ‘About the Blog’ pages.

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