7 Things to do in Istanbul – People watching

February 14, 2011


5) People watching by the New Mosque and Galata Bridge Istanbul is just a fantastic place for people watching, street life and dynamic photo opportunities in general as no one street or corner is the same, and the sheer volume of human life wandering its lanes is so much that you can’t help but find […]

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How to save money for and during travelling

February 10, 2011


On how to save money for and during I was inspired to write this post by a couple of similar ones which have been published recently on two of my favourite blogs, namely The Road Forks and Todd’s Wanderings. While the amount of time I’ve spent travelling is little compared to many out there (my […]

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7 things to do in Istanbul – Grand Bazaar

February 7, 2011


4) Experience the Grand Bazaar It is certainly true that the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of those places designed to lure tourists in and make a buck out of them, and that as a tourist, you will be charged more than a local (tried and tested when we walked into the bazaar with […]

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7 things to do in Istanbul – Visit the Pera Museum

January 31, 2011


Every visitor who travels to Istanbul knows about the tourist-staples; The Aya Sofia, the Mosques, the Topkapi palace. While these are definitely stunning and should be visited despite the inevitable crowds, I must say that my favourite site in Istanbul was not one of the ones I’ve just mentioned, but the Pera museum, a small but perfectly formed gallery/museum. […]

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Around the world in 7 lesser-known Islands

January 26, 2011


I love Islands…but I guess that’s not surprising since I was born on one, and I was used to seeing the sea almost everyday. So when I found myself living in a landlocked country, for almost a year and a half now, my yearning for sea water started becoming uncontrollable, and that is how I got […]

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7 Things to do in Istanbul- Bosphorus night view

January 24, 2011


2) Linger by a spectacular night view The most beautiful spot in Istanbul for me is a spot by the Bosphorus, with the Ortakoy Mosque to one side and the imposing Bosphorus Bridge to the other. This is the spot which graces an endless number of Istanbul advertisements, and for a good reason – wandering around […]

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10 free ways to discover your world

January 20, 2011


Here’s a super quick post to keep you entertained before the weekend: My latest article for bootsnall.com, entitled 10 free ways to discover your world. Do you have any tips about free things to do around the world? Which is your favourite freebie? Leave a comment if you have any suggestions. Photo by emmettanderson

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