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People will tell you, “What’s the use? What’s the point of reading novels and poetry?” They’ll tell you to go to law school or to be an economist or do something useful. But books are useful. Books will make you thoughtful, and they might even make you happy. They will certainly help you become more civilized.

 – Paul Theroux, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star


When I was a student and couldn’t afford to travel, books took me places. Years later they still do, and they provide me with inspiration for my future travelling and with a warm and comforting feeling during the times when I have to stay put . In reality, I have only been to a few countries, but amongst the pages of my favourite books, I’ve already travelled the world.
Reading is also about sharing, and I am eager to share those books which I find to be especially well-written, creative, witty, and often, simply magical. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, spend some time browsing my travel-themed book shop  and you might just find yourself coming across something you’d find worth reading. There is also a section dedicated to movies which take you places, whether its the American highway or a distant planet. And if you do read any of the suggested books, don’t forget to come back and drop me a line here. I kind of miss discussing good literature.




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