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7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul – Do something Korean

October 25, 2010


6) Do something Korean Who are the South Koreans?  Mistake them for Japanese or Chinese and they will be deeply offended. After all, the Japanese ruled them forcefully for 50 years, destroyed their palaces and took their women away to be prostitutes for their soldiers, and the Chinese helped North Korea secure its present territory […]

7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul – Go beyond the Capital

October 18, 2010


5) Go Beyond the Capital Dwarfed as it is by China to its North and Japan to its South-East, and portrayed in an old saying as being a shrimp between whales, it’s no wonder that many South Koreans think that their country is ‘small’, and I generally laugh at this considering where I come from. However, it is true that […]

7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul – Just Walk

October 11, 2010


4) Just Walk Seoul is huge, and the phrase, ‘its main sites are within walking distance of each other’ definitely does not apply to this particular city. Having said that, its public transport, especially its comprehensive underground, is efficient, clean and cheap, and will get you everywhere quickly. But once you do get to where you […]

7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul – Head up to Mount Namsan

October 4, 2010


3) Head up to Mount Namsan There it is, glittering, imposing;  the N’ Tower among a thick cover of tree branches and shrubs. It’s getting dark and the million lights of the city are progressively being turned on, as is the N’ Tower itself. It seems like an awfully long way up, and indeed, if […]

7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul – Eat Eat Eat

September 24, 2010


2. Eat Eat Eat Korean men may be generally chronic chain smokers and drink Soju (a traditional Korean drink) as if they were receptacles with hollowed bottoms, but they certainly take their food seriously and pride themselves in the healthy properties of their cuisine. Fast food joints may be popular,  but the majority of the restaurants in Seoul, and […]

7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul – Fall in love with its Palaces

September 17, 2010


1. Fall in Love with its Palaces There is something very strange about Seoul’s palaces, and by that I’m not referring to their names. What I’m speaking about is that all in all, the Palaces which live on among the traffic and noise of modern Seoul are largely unremarkable and pretty much all the same, […]

7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul

September 13, 2010


This summer I took you on a nostalgic trip to my home country Malta, with a series of posts entitled ’10 things to do in Malta this summer’. Following a bitter-sweet trip to this lovely island, I showed you 10 ways to experience Maltese and Gozitan life like locals do, and was rewarded with many many readers, (a lot of them Spanish, […]