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Around the world in 7 lesser-known Islands

January 26, 2011


I love Islands…but I guess that’s not surprising since I was born on one, and I was used to seeing the sea almost everyday. So when I found myself living in a landlocked country, for almost a year and a half now, my yearning for sea water started becoming uncontrollable, and that is how I got […]

24 hours in Zurich – Qatar Inflight Magazine

December 12, 2010


Today, I am celebrating the reaching of a personal milestone; a commission for a print magazine, more specifically, the Qatar Oryx inflight magazine.  There is not much to say, other than to leave you to enjoy my article, entitled 24 hours in Zurich, on page 34. -Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @

Nine ways to take in the world’s most beautiful vistas

December 9, 2010


In the midst of trying to prepare and get ready for my upcoming trip to Hungary, where I will spend one week in Budapest and one week with my future in-laws, who, by the way, do not speak my language (and I don’t speak theirs), I thought I’d post a couple of links to articles […]

World Travel through Literature: 8 authors who take you places

September 15, 2010


My love for the written word seems unlimited, and by this I mean both towards the productive act of writing, and the passive, soothing act of reading. The most recent article  which I’ve written for, entitled World Travel through Literature: 8 authors who take you places, celebrates my love for the latter and its connection to my other […]

10 Ways to take better Travel Photographs

August 20, 2010


This is the second article I wrote for about how to take better travel photos using compact cameras.  I’ve always used and will keep using only compacts during my travels, because I am largely technology-allergic and a total wuss which means I would die if I had to walk around with 10 kg of photographic […]

Beyond drinking and dancing: 8 alternative evening activities

August 17, 2010


It has always somewhat annoyed me that guidebooks and travel publications seem to mention only pubs, bars and clubs for evening and late night activities during travelling. Why? First of all, because I’m not much of a drinker and I fail to appreciate the act of sitting in a noisy place sipping expensive drinks, and secondly […]

My first commissioned travel article

July 25, 2010


While I’ve now been contributing for months to websites connected to travelling and expat life, here is finally my first commissioned piece published on about  Affordable Zurich: Hotels & Restaurants, Deals and Fun. Enjoy.