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Pictures take you places – Why it’s difficult to take beautiful photos in Malta

July 26, 2010


Since ex-English students seem to make up half of my face book friends, I tend to see a ridiculous amount of Malta photos, and I always find myself thinking the same thought. My country is so not photogenic. Attempts at taking pictures of the lovely bays and beaches almost always result in construction cranes or […]

10 things to do in Malta this summer – Experience a true Maltese Summer event

July 12, 2010


10) experience a true Maltese summer event We have reached the end of our 10 things to do in Malta this summer, and if all these options, most of which will cost you very little, haven’t got you in the mood to visit this beautiful island as a traveller, rather than a tourist, then I […]

10 things to do in Malta this summer – Drive along the coast road

July 11, 2010


9) Drive along the coast road  As a person who spend quite a number of years commuting back and forth in a seemingly tiny island but with enough traffic jams to make her fed up for a whole life time, I know that driving in Malta cannot really be equated with pleasure, that is, unless you […]

10 things to do in Malta this Summer: Get yourself on a boat

July 10, 2010


8. Get yourself on a boat Many people will find that Malta is more beautiful when seen from the deck of a boat, and on a clear summer’s day, this is definitely the case. Considering that a markedly semi-arid climate means that vegetation and greenery are not an integral part of the landscape, it is the coastline, with […]

10 things to do in Malta this summer – take a walk along a promenade

July 9, 2010


7) Take a walk along a promenade There is nowhere to run. There is nowhere to hide. Wherever you go you will find yourself somewhere by the sea…but hey, that’s a good thing, isn’t it? Of course it is! One of the things I miss most of my life back in Malta is being able to watch the […]

10 things to do in Malta this summer – Work on your tan

July 8, 2010


6) Work on your tan I will immediately end your misery by saying that NO, St. George’s Bay (St. Julians) is not the only beach in Malta (don’t think I’m exaggerating or making a fuss – I”ve actually been told this by tourists as if it were 100% fact). In fact, it’s not even a real beach, but […]

Short Break from ’10 things to do in Malta this summer’

July 5, 2010


Do you feel inspired yet to visit my lovely home country? If yes, the summer is still young so start looking into booking your ticket! The final 5 things to do this summer in Malta will start being published as of this weekend. In the meantime, Den Den needs to go earn a living…but I won’t leave you just […]