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Somehow, I ended up in Zaanse Schans

August 4, 2010


Every country has its clichés and stereotypes, those you’ve heard so much about that it almost makes you sick to imagine actually seeing or experiencing them. And yet, after my eye-opening trip to the Tower Bridge in London, I started forcing myself to go anyway, to witness with my own eyes those things which have escalated to tourist […]

Pictures take you places – Amsterdam’s Vondelpark

June 16, 2010


I must admit that it was a bit difficult for me to focus on the splendid area which Vondelpark was, when having covered numerous hours of ground, I felt as if I was walking on my ankles (the proper feet having somehow got eroded along the way). I was therefore grateful when I got home and […]

Pictures take you places – Amsterdam’s Bloomenmarkt

June 14, 2010


  What are the odds of going to Amsterdam and not seeing a tulip? Less than 0, and I am pretty happy with this because, of all the travel stereotypes a country could have, I am sure most are far more foul and irritating than this pretty flower, available, as it is, in myriad colours […]

What I love about Amsterdam

June 11, 2010


The Architecture When in Amsterdam, I didn’t really care about the seedy-looking, tourist-packed coffee shops, and to be honest, the sight of the prostitutes, some of whom looked disturbingly like my mother in shape and size, only kept me amused for a few minutes. But I couldn’t take my eyes, or my camera, off the […]

My Amsterdam Best Sandwich Experience

June 8, 2010


Admittedly, I was very apprehensive of food and restaurants in Amsterdam because of the feedback I had got earlier from my best friend and her boyfriend, who’d been living there since the beginning of September. When I was actually roaming the city, I found the rows and rows of empty restaurants with their owners lingering […]

Pictures take you places – Amsterdam’s Colours

June 6, 2010


One thing which has stuck to my mind about Amsterdam is that it’s colourful. Not half-heartedly colourful, but full-blown, in-your-face colourful; from the bikes often painted in garish greens and magentas and decorated with plastic flowers to deter thieves, to the odd exceedingly-bright costumes sported by some of the locals/nonchalant foreigners on some kind of celebration. […]

Pictures take you places – Amsterdam Central Public Library

June 2, 2010


Everything in Amsterdam’s public library is about shapes, and their interaction with other shapes and the space around them. Shelfs curl like half snail shells, light fittings resemble some primordial creature trying to duplicate itself, and the red armchairs are curvy, inviting, extremely comfortable and perfectly adequate for a couple of leisurely hours of reading. […]