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Finding a job in and around Zurich, Switzerland: My experience Part 1

December 16, 2010


– On how to find a job in and around Zurich, Switzerland (without German) Now that we’ve come to the end of my series of posts dedicated to adjusting to life in the German part of Switzerland, I decided to conclude by writing about something I’ve already done briefly in the past, but which drives […]

Expat diaries: Den Den reports from Heidiland, Part 8

December 13, 2010


8. Three Swiss, a dog and a hamster, from January 2010 As I fry a sausage and egg for my late breakfast, Shelby looks at me with dog eyes that mimic those of a skeletal model while she gazes longingly at the fat-rich dinner plates beyond her meagre salad. And it would be understandable if […]

Expat diaries: Den Den reports from Heidiland, Part 7

December 10, 2010


7) Zurich in Snow, from January 2010 It’s -5. I am holding a wonderfully warm and spicy sausage, purchased from a nearby stall, as I cross the street, the hand doing the holding about to fall off because gloveless, as small gentle snowflakes fall and rest in the odd crevices of my face. For a […]

Expat diaries: Den Den reports from Heidiland, Part 6

December 6, 2010


6) The List, from December 2009 It all started with a list, written by a little girl who was determined to put behind her the numerous failures of 2008 and to make of the following year one which she would remember as the year when she finally managed to achieve what she really wanted to. […]

Expat diaries: Den Den reports from Heidiland, Part 5

December 3, 2010


5) The Christmas Tree Most of the people who have ever spoken to me know that I am not that keen on Christmas, in fact, that might be an understatement. It’s not because I had an unhappy childhood with no presents under the Christmas tree, or because Santa came home one Christmas night and tried […]

Expat diaries: Den Den reports from Heidiland, Part 4

November 29, 2010


4) The Boat, from November 2009   I have always been a firm believer in destiny and the mysteries of its workings. Despite this, there have been countless instances in my life when my belief in it was only matched by the frustration it itself causes, when it failed to send my way that which […]

Expat diaries: Den Den reports from Heidiland, Part 3

November 26, 2010


3) Bruises, from October 2009   It was totally unexpected, almost shocking. I had just walked from the kitchen back into the bedroom where my laptop was, and, as is normal for any obsessive compulsive with a decent reputation, I had checked my email for the umpteenth time that day. And there it was, that […]