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7 things to do in Istanbul – Head to the Islands

February 28, 2011


7) Head to the Islands While for travellers, the term Istanbul loosely applies to Sultanahmet and some areas around it, in truth the real Istanbul city will take you hours to drive through and out of on either side. It is for this reason that ‘day trips’ from the city are limited. When I wanted to escape […]

Australia has a sense of humour

February 25, 2011


  So, as some of you know, I am trying to get myself and my partner a permanent work visa for Australia, but the length of the process is approximately the same as the time it would take me to walk from Perth to Sydney. During my research, I stumbled upon the Australian Immigration and Trade […]

7 Things to do in Istanbul – Make a Wish

February 22, 2011


6) Make a Wish When you visit the Aya Sofia in Istanbul, you cannot but notice a long line of people queueing to stick their thumb in a hole in the wall, and then try, with their fingers outstretched, to make a complete circle on the marble with their index finger. Of course, one relative/friend/tour group member […]

7 Things to do in Istanbul – People watching

February 14, 2011


5) People watching by the New Mosque and Galata Bridge Istanbul is just a fantastic place for people watching, street life and dynamic photo opportunities in general as no one street or corner is the same, and the sheer volume of human life wandering its lanes is so much that you can’t help but find […]

How to save money for and during travelling

February 10, 2011


On how to save money for and during I was inspired to write this post by a couple of similar ones which have been published recently on two of my favourite blogs, namely The Road Forks and Todd’s Wanderings. While the amount of time I’ve spent travelling is little compared to many out there (my […]

7 things to do in Istanbul – Grand Bazaar

February 7, 2011


4) Experience the Grand Bazaar It is certainly true that the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of those places designed to lure tourists in and make a buck out of them, and that as a tourist, you will be charged more than a local (tried and tested when we walked into the bazaar with […]