Fighting the post-travel blues – It’s time to dream

Posted on January 8, 2011


During this first week of 2011, I have come across quite a few blog posts dealing with the issue of post-travel blues, and since I had only just come back from an amazing two weeks in Hungary and am feeling quite terrible because I knew I had to restart my old, boring life routine, I took particular interest in them. One of the points which all of them had in common was the following: Start dreaming of your next holiday, even if it’s months away. So in an attempt to deal with my own wanderlust and travel blues, I’ve decided to interpret that point in my own way, and write a post about those corners of the world which I definitely want to see within my travel lifespan. In doing so, I hope to make myself feel better and maybe also provide all of you out there with some travel inspiration. So here it goes.

Within my travel life, I want to…

1) Visit the magnificent Jungfrau region in Switzerland and it’s equally impressive Aletsch glacier in Spring or Summer. This should technically not be so difficult as…well…I live in Switzerland, but accommodation and transport tends to be prohibitively expensive within this highly popular and touristic area. For example, a cable car round trip to the top of the Jungfraujoch mountain costs you a whopping 172 CHF (basically almost the price of an airplane trip from Zurich to Istanbul). But gosh, check out the views you can ogle in this region…



Photos by  Ed Coyle Photography, brum d, Mr Ullmi, and Eric of Ubsurdity.

2) Stroke a tiger at the Tiger Temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo by  chishikilauren.

3) Be a Geisha in Kyoto.

Apparently, for a not-so-small amount of money, you can get yourself transformed into a Geisha and roam the streets of Kyoto for a day. I want to do just that…

Photos by Mr Fink’s Finest Photos,and ben lei.

4) Soak in some of the world’s best outdoor thermal pools.

After my first taste of lying in a warm outdoor thermal pool in winter under the stars in Budapest, I feel like I just want more, and more and more. I dream of lying in Iceland’s blue lagoon and in one of Japan’s many onsen.

Photos by kenleewrites,  and roboppy.

5) See the Yungang Grottoes in China.

Last year a post on made me add this to my travel wish list…

Photo by Aaron Kyle.

6) Take a proper, lazy, full-blown beach holiday somewhere where the ocean is a mesmerizing blue and the sand a brilliant white. I’m thinking the Whitsunday islands in Australia, Mexico’s Cancun, Sri Lanka, Maldives…there are so many possibilities…

Photo by Nuno Mouto.

And now it’s your turn. I want everyone who reads this post to share their travel wish lists with my readers and I.

Text by Denise Pulis