Happy New Year – Den Den’s 2010 Best Travel Moments

Posted on January 1, 2011


My mother hates flying, and tends to think of travel as a waste of money, because when you come back from a trip, you haven’t got anything tangible which you can hold in your hands and touch and use later, she says. Because of my mother’s attitude, I only got to travel for the first time when I was 21, and had finally finished university, started working and saved enough money for a trip. Since then, I just can’t get enough. Travel wise, 2010 has been fantastic, as with the help of friends around the world, good planning and a little bit of luck, I was able to travel 5 times. In celebration of such a good year and in the hope of an even better one, in this post I will share with you my best experiences from each destination I visited as well as my favourite photo from each trip.

London (February)

Best experience: Eating my way around London – This was my third trip to the British capital, and the first time I could afford repeated trips to proper restaurants. Within my week there, I got to sample the most fantastic food from across the world. You can read more about my culinary experiences here.

Favourite Photo: Skater boys along the Thames

Amsterdam (May)

Best experience: A trip to Zaanse Schans – Amsterdam is pretty, but it’s crowded and the cyclists, with their ‘make way’ attitude, are annoying. It’s for this reason that I found Zaanse Schans to be the perfect place for a break from the capital. It’s was also a wonderfully sunny day, so my friends’ and my mood couldn’t have been better. Click here for more about Zaanse Schans.

Favourite Photo: Amsterdam’s Tulips

Malta (June)

Best experience: A day trip to Gozo with my parents. Since we had a car, we could drive around from one corner of the island to another, stop at different beaches, markets and viewing points, and finally indulge in a gigantic dinner. For more about Gozo, check out this post.

Favourite Photo:  Sunbathing


Istanbul (September)

Best experience: A ferry ride to the Princes’ Islands – Istanbul is a crazy, noisy, urban place, and can be quite overwhelming. Catching a 4 lira ferry trip to the much quieter and car-free Princes’ Islands and eating waffles by the seaside was relaxing and just beautiful.

Favourite Photo: Turkish Cat

Budapest (December)

Best experience: Relaxing in the Szechenyi outdoor thermal pools – This December, Budapest was freezing cold, so going to a thermal bath was a must. But what made my trip to the Szechenyi baths special was running out of the main building in my swimsuit, dashing into the pools and lying there beneath the night sky with steam drifting all around me.

Favourite Photo: Art Nouveau ceiling lamp

How about you? Tell me about your best travel experiences of 2010 (I need some inspiration).

Happy New Year!

Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @ www.travelwithdenden.wordpress.com