A Great Place to Eat in Zurich – Saigon, Vietnamese restaurant

Posted on December 20, 2010


Oh, I should have written this post ages ago when I was first told by a friend that Saigon on Sihlstrasse was one of the best spots in Zürich for lunch…I have since then thoroughly and repeatedly checked this statement with my very own taste buds as well as established that due to a combination of delicious and affordable dishes, small restaurant size and communal tables, it is best to opt for a late lunch or early dinner at Saigon so as to avoid the discomfort of having to share the space with a large crowd.


Here is my list of reasons as to why I love this place so much:

1) It does not close after lunch, allowing for people with flexible schedules to visit when the place is almost empty, quiet and perfect for a chat with friends.

2) In a city filled with heavy food like bratwurst, raclette and various sausage products, authentic and lighter Asian fare is a welcome option.

3) I have come across normal Swiss restaurants that put a 25 chf price tag on a green salad – I am therefore amazed at the fact that Saigon’s absolutely divine duck with rice and veggies costs a mere 23 chf.

4) Dishes are made fresh all the time, so if you’re there when it’s especially quiet and it still takes a while for your food to be served you’ll know it’s because your dish is not being warmed up but made from scratch.

Saigon was my first glimpse of a fairly priced Zurich. For this and for the amazing food, I just keep going back…and bringing friends along.

Remember: Saigon unfortunately does not have a menu in English. While most waiters speak excellent English and the menu comes with appetising pictures, you might want to learn some basic German food words to facilitate your visit there.

– Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @ www.travelwithdenden.wordpress.com

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