Pictures take you places – Bernese Street Scene

Posted on October 22, 2010


In most countries, the capital is where all the action is considered to take place, and for this reason you might be tempted to head to Bern to check out what the scene is like there…but let’s face it. Both Geneva to the West and Zurich to the East dwarf Bern when it comes to cosmopolitanism, and even those two are relatively small cities. Nevertheless, spending a day in the Swiss capital is essential if you want to understand what the country is about. Prepare to be met by clean streets, medieval fountains, perfectly preserved buildings, a bucket-load of consumerism, a touch of boredom and a city so pretty (in an old-fashioned, candid way) that you’ll fnd yourself joining the Japanese tourist crowd in their perpetual camera clicking.


– Photo by Denise Pulis @