7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul – Just Walk

Posted on October 11, 2010


4) Just Walk

Seoul is huge, and the phrase, ‘its main sites are within walking distance of each other’ definitely does not apply to this particular city. Having said that, its public transport, especially its comprehensive underground, is efficient, clean and cheap, and will get you everywhere quickly. But once you do get to where you want to be, take your time, and explore as much as possible on foot, as this is the only way to understand what it means to be a Seoulite.  The delights you will encounter on your self-created bespoke walking tour are ones which cannot be found in any guidebook or on any website, and this is because of the sheer size of the place, meaning that it changes continuously, constantly creating new and refreshing things to discover. Most importantly, walking will let you experience unique moments. You might…

…find yourself contemplating a seemingly unremarkable traffic scene which, when framed by the tall, imposing skyscrapers behind it, turns into something beautiful.


…stumble upon a group of traditional SamulNori performers before heading into the vibrant district of Insadong.

…meet a stark naked, dragonfly sculpture prominently displayed in the window shop of a local gallery, to the puzzlement of the older Koreans who walk past it.

…spot a poor Korean in a Teddy bear costume having a rest, or a group of young and hip locals loitering beneath a street mural made of tiny little mosaics, each showing an individual face, but the sum of which, when placed together, creates a complex image of its own, to be appreciated from a distance.

… come across that museum no tourist publication mentions, and which you’re not even sure you want to visit, even if it makes you smile…because it’s a chicken museum.

And don’t be worried about the cold. Wear a thick winter coat and let the city do the rest of the warming…or the soju.

– Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @ www.travelwithdenden.wordpress.com

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