Why do we travel? #6

Posted on September 6, 2010


A few weeks ago, I asked my fellow blogsherpa bloggers a seemingly simply question – why do you travel? – and have since been publishing their inspiring answers. This is the last post of this series. Thanks to all who contributed. As for me, I will leave you with Jeff, Heather and Vago and their travel philosophy.


– Jeff Funnekotter @ Big city blog

I travel for three reasons – to have new experiences, to make personal connections, and to gain new perspectives. An early morning jog on a beach in Malaga… a psychedelic sauna in Berlin… a quiet moment in the shade at the Marie de Medici fountain in Paris’ Jardin du Luxembourg… a Sam Roberts concert in New York City that was better than U2 the night before… a conversation with an 87-year old woman whose family hid a Jewish family in south Holland during WWII … Each one reminds me how fortunate I am. And why I travel.


– Vago @ vagobond.com

The blogosphere is lit up right now with controversy between those who like to travel long term (lifestyle travellers) and those who like to travel and then come back to their sedentary homebase  and jobs ( 9 to 5ers) . Personally, I think the differences are irreconcilable. I spend my life travelling, why? Because I hate living in a muggle world. Life can be filled with love and joy or you can be sedentary. That’s the way I see it. I say that if you introduce me to a long-term traveler, you’re actually introducing me to an anarchist. I’m both.

Heather Cowper @ Heather on her travels

I think I got the travel bug as a child when my parents would take us camping all around Europe in the summer holidays. I enjoy the variety of exploring new and unfamiliar places, and meeting people with a different perspective on life. I see travel as a window to find out more about other cultures; what makes us different and yet what makes us all essentially the same. As I live in England where the summer weather can be disappointingly cool, I also travel to get my fix of sunshine!

– As for me, why do I travel? This blog is my continuous attempt at explaining just that, not only to my readers, but first and foremost, to myself.

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