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7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul – Eat Eat Eat

September 24, 2010


2. Eat Eat Eat Korean men may be generally chronic chain smokers and drink Soju (a traditional Korean drink) as if they were receptacles with hollowed bottoms, but they certainly take their food seriously and pride themselves in the healthy properties of their cuisine. Fast food joints may be popular,  but the majority of the restaurants in Seoul, and […]

Pictures take you places – Zurich and Sunshine

September 20, 2010


Zurich’s winters are often long, cold and with largely heavy, overcast skies, and this past summer was almost tauntingly cruel, with its long rainy days and very little sunshine. One of the few occasions when the day did turn out to be beautiful (that is, until the evening rains) was during the Swiss National Day on the 1 […]

7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul – Fall in love with its Palaces

September 17, 2010


1. Fall in Love with its Palaces There is something very strange about Seoul’s palaces, and by that I’m not referring to their names. What I’m speaking about is that all in all, the Palaces which live on among the traffic and noise of modern Seoul are largely unremarkable and pretty much all the same, […]

World Travel through Literature: 8 authors who take you places

September 15, 2010


My love for the written word seems unlimited, and by this I mean both towards the productive act of writing, and the passive, soothing act of reading. The most recent article  which I’ve written for, entitled World Travel through Literature: 8 authors who take you places, celebrates my love for the latter and its connection to my other […]

7 things to do this winter in and around Seoul

September 13, 2010


This summer I took you on a nostalgic trip to my home country Malta, with a series of posts entitled ’10 things to do in Malta this summer’. Following a bitter-sweet trip to this lovely island, I showed you 10 ways to experience Maltese and Gozitan life like locals do, and was rewarded with many many readers, (a lot of them Spanish, […]

Pictures take you places – The Zurich Museum of Design

September 10, 2010


I must admit that I’ve been in general quite lax about visiting museums here in Zurich, mainly because I’m not really that much of a fan, especially when they simply feature stuff hanging off a wall (I take full responsibility of how ignorant this statement sounds). Still, museum Philistine that I am, I cannot say I […]

Why do we travel? #6

September 6, 2010


A few weeks ago, I asked my fellow blogsherpa bloggers a seemingly simply question – why do you travel? – and have since been publishing their inspiring answers. This is the last post of this series. Thanks to all who contributed. As for me, I will leave you with Jeff, Heather and Vago and their travel philosophy.   […]