Why do we travel? #4

Posted on August 27, 2010


This week, my ‘Why do you travel?’ question takes us to beautiful India, a country I long to visit. Blogger Anu Shankar  of A Wandering Mind explains how this question takes her by surprise and why she loves exploring her country so much. I love the way she manages to capture it all in a series of beautifully crafted paragraphs…

Why do I travel? Considering that I like to travel so much, it is interesting to think that this is a question I have never really been asked before! People have asked me how I manage to travel so much, why I visit so many temples, how on earth do I travel with a restless kid who can’t sit still in one place, etc. … But no one seems curious about my intention to travel!

So why do I travel?

Because every nook and corner of my country is filled with interesting places – there are ancient temples which are crumbling and in ruins, but when I stand in the sanctum I feel a sudden peace and communion with God; there are monuments which take me back in time to the days of glory and pride; there are palaces which show me the splendor of bygone days and huts where the people welcome us warmly as if we were family…..  And I want to visit as many such places as I can in this lifetime…..

Because every now and then in my travels I come across a place where we find nature at its best, in the middle of random urbanization – which makes me feel it is not too late to reclaim what can still be ours – and live in peace with nature as well as humans, as we once did…..

Because, as a mother, I want my son to feel the simple pleasures of life – seeing people satisfied with basic needs, leaving aside the unnecessary trappings of our sophisticated lifestyles….

And because of the pleasure I get when my son travels with me in a rickety old bus or a sputtering train, and tells me “Mamma, this is wonderful! Let’s do this again!”

Anu Shankar

Mumbai, India

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-Text and Photography by Anu Shankar  of A Wandering Mind, hosted on www.travelwithdenden.wordpress.com