Posted on August 27, 2010


After 5 months of loving care and attention and about 100 posts later, ‘Travel with Den Den’ has finally hit its first 10,000 views. During that time, it has taken you from the warm air and crowded beaches of Malta, to the hidden treasures of Zurich, Switzerland,  and from the annoyingly bicycle-filled streets of Amsterdam, to the quiet and peaceful temples nestled in the heart of Seoul, South Korea.

This blog is not about making money. It’s about entertaining a bunch of people I don’t know and hopefully being of inspiration to them, maybe even by making them fall in love with a particular destination so that they will visit it themselves. What I’m saying is that this website is all about the reader, and for this reason, today I am going to ask one favour of you. Whoever follows this blog regularly, or even occasionally, or has just stumbled upon it, leave a comment on this particular post. Your comment could be:

– about you and who you are

– why you follow this blog

– your favourite post/posts

– your favourite travel destination

– what you’d change about this blog

– suggestions about things you would like to see more/less of

– Just a quick hello

As all you fellow travel bloggers out there know, the pensive writer at the creative end of a blog loves to get in touch with whoever reads his or her rantings  incredibly useful material. So do it today. My birthday is coming soon too, so consider it a little birthday present.

And remember to keep reading. There are still a few months left till the end of the year, and if all goes according to plan I’ll take you with me to explore a couple of Swiss corners, Istanbul, Budapest and Hungary’s Lake Balaton region.


Den Den

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