Why do we travel?

Posted on August 13, 2010


I’m the sort of person who’d much rather walk around for months with the same pair of jeans and shoes until they are both too battered to be used further, than not save most of my money for a trip to a new destination. I never wanted an expensive car or designer clothes – I always wanted to travel as much as possible, and that’s where the majority of my finances end up. So recently I got to thinking why I am like this, and why travel is so important to me. Before, however, attempting to answer the question of ‘Why I travel?’ myself, I contacted some fellow travel bloggers and asked them the same thing. Here is what I was told… 


Bret Itskowitch @ I moved to Africa

“Why Do I Travel?

Seems like a simple enough question to answer…to make friends and meet interesting people, to get the inside scoop on a different culture, or to simply gain from the experience of not being “home”.

Perhaps, but if I had to mention just one, it comes down to experiencing natural beauty.  I have lived all of my life in a concrete jungle.  The opportunity to see, smell and touch nature is an experience like no other.  To be able to listen to the quiet.  To become familiar with a cool mountain forest, a warm tropical jungle or the wild natural beauty of a beach, with sand beneath my feet, dunes to my back and the powerful ocean at my front.  Simple.”

If you’re curious about why Bret Itskowitch took the big leap and moved to the other side of the world, check out his blog,  I moved to Africa.

Claire Algarme @ First Time Travel

I’d like to see the other faces of the world through the history, people, architecture, food, and culture of a place. It makes me appreciate the variety in cultures and how we are connected in an invisible web of inter-relatedness. More so, I want to widen my network of friends as well as my perspective in life through my travels.”

Do you remember the feeling you get every time you manage to get yourself to a country you’ve never been to before? Claire writes about first time travel experiences on her blog, First Time Travel.

Gwen McCauley @ Algarve Experiences

“Why Do I Travel?

Oh my, let me count the reasons!

There is my basic curiosity about people.  For me, people are intriguing, creative, engaging.  Whether it is in my own country (Canada) or other lands, interacting with people is probably my #1 top reason for traveling. Then there is culture.  Being present to how people express their lives, how they eat, drink, pray, love, build, celebrate and fight is endlessly fascinating. Finally the eternal beauty and vitality of nature beckons.  Beaches, mountains, plains, fields of wildflowers, migrating birds, sunsets and sunrises are only the most obvious. To sit on a hillside and ponder it all …be still my heart!”

Gwen McCauley loves Algarve, Portugal and has a lot to say about it on her blog, Algarve Experiences.

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