Pictures take you places – The Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Posted on August 2, 2010


Go on any given day to the Rhine Falls  and you’ll inevitably come across lone Asians happily snapping away with their latest cameras. Across Europe, these adventurers from half way across the globe have been defining what is to be considered ‘touristy’ with their ‘snap and go’ culture. I don’t mean this in a negative – We all kind of know that Asians always pick the best spots around the world to travel to, and the Rhine Falls are most definitely one of those, but there are also, beyond their beauty, very well placed on the tourist’s radar. Before I learnt to love Zurich and before discovering, little by little, that this city allows for weeks of exploration, I headed to the Rhine Falls…twice. While I suggest that if you’re in Zurich, you should focus more on discovering the magic of the city, a trip (or two, maybe in a different season) to the Rhine Falls will certainly be enjoyable, as long as you’re ready for some touristy kitsch in the form of tacky souvenirs stalls, which admittedly, you can easily ignore.


-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @