Short Break from ’10 things to do in Malta this summer’

Posted on July 5, 2010


Do you feel inspired yet to visit my lovely home country? If yes, the summer is still young so start looking into booking your ticket! The final 5 things to do this summer in Malta will start being published as of this weekend. In the meantime, Den Den needs to go earn a living…but I won’t leave you just yet. Here is a sneak peek of what’s coming up

6)- work on your tan – tips on the best swimming spots tourists seem largely oblivious to.

7)- Drive along the coast road – It may not be the Great Ocean Road, but this bit of tarmac boasts some of the most spectacular sea views.

8)- Get yourself on a boat – Why you should endure that annoying seasickness and cross a bit of water. Magical places lie ahead.

9)-Take a walk along a promenade – fairy lights, late night gelatos, hot summer winds mixed with salty sea air. Enough reasons to make you start walking? I’ll also let you know where you should be careful not to step on dog poo…


10-Experience a true Maltese Summer event – How to get tickets to a play under the stars or find yourself eating donuts and watching fireworks.


Denise a.k.a Den Den

-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @


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