Time to take a Vacation – 10 things to do in Malta this summer

Posted on June 30, 2010


I fought it as much as I could, that little voice at the back of my head, calling me back. The pressures of a life in Zurich with ¾ of a proper salary was taking its toll and so were a number of other things – the grey skies, the unpredictable weather, the inability of understanding the local language and even having a simple conversation at the grocery store. I checked and re-checked plane tickets, watched them through the months as they plummeted from 450 chf to a surprising 200 for a trip in June. Ferenc, my partner, would also be away for three weeks to serve his compulsory yearly military service and I felt frustrated at the thought. So one day after another of my increasingly frequent tantrums, Ferenc took my hands in his, looked lovingly into my eyes and told me, ‘Den, please book a ticket to Malta, or you’ll go crazy.’ And I did, because I was homesick. Yes, I admit it. I still had no intention of going back there for good, but I needed a taste of the sun and the sea, the giant desserts at waterside cafes and a chat with a couple of old friends. And so I went back to Malta for a week after almost 10 months of absence. I have since come back, and while it was a bittersweet experience on many levels, I feel refreshed.

To celebrate this journey back into my old life and back in time, during the coming weeks I am going to be posting a series of posts entitled ’10 things to do this summer in Malta’.  Most suggestions will cost you absolutely no money, others just a little and a few will need you to splash out. In their totality I hope that they provide a series of varied and interesting things to do on an island which is by no means perfect (I am the first to stress its flaws before starting to describe its magic), so if you’re looking for that great summer holiday, book for Malta now, and stay tuned, because when you are a little bit in the know (which you will be after reading all my posts) you will not only comfortably avoid the usual tourist traps but also have the time of your life.

– If you’re reading this anywhere else other than on www.travelwithdenden.wordpress.com, come visit the website for the complete 10 articles.

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