Pictures take you places – Amsterdam’s Bloomenmarkt

Posted on June 14, 2010



What are the odds of going to Amsterdam and not seeing a tulip? Less than 0, and I am pretty happy with this because, of all the travel stereotypes a country could have, I am sure most are far more foul and irritating than this pretty flower, available, as it is, in myriad colours as well as a series of delightful tone combinations. If like me, you have a love for everything floral, the Bloomenmarkt is a must see in Amsterdam, but beware, as the sign in the picture on the left makes perfectly clear, that the place you’re poking around in is someone else’s business, so make sure you notice ‘no pictures’ signs or if unsure, to ask the owner if it’s ok to take a couple of shots. My picture, if you’re curious, was not taken inside of the store, but in the street where a sample of the shop’s items is on display.




-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @