In a Swiss Supermarket

Posted on June 9, 2010


For the 3rd blogsherpa blog carnival, we were asked to write about a strange find in a foreign supermarket or grocery store, and I immediately found myself thinking, ‘Strange? In Swiss supermarkets?’, because I knew that the popularity of a product here in Switzerland very much depends on whether it conforms to preconceived ideas of appearance, origin and quality. And that is how it dawned on me that this in itself is a strange thing.

Upon entering any supermarket in Switzerland, you will immediately be able to pinpoint those products which have been produced locally. Why? Because the Swiss pride themselves so much in the quality of their food that local brands almost universally include the Swiss flag in their logo. This tiny addition next to the name of a brand not only identifies it as being of Swiss origin, but also often causes the customer to purchase it rather than its cheaper counterpart of uncertain provenance. There is of course also an endless amount of packaging sporting cows and traditional countryside scenery to further attract the customer, and no lack of the Swiss stereotype to top all stereotypes, Heidi herself, whose name has been appropriated by a Swiss dairy product brand.

While I find the sight of cows in open countryside particularly soothing, it seems that their presence on product packaging also has the added benefit of making the Swiss far more comfortable with their purchases.

It is funny that the strangest thing I could find in a Swiss Supermarket was a brand named after an overly publicised story book character. Check out the carnival on Orange Polka Dot  for really weird stuff from around the world.

-Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @