My Amsterdam Best Sandwich Experience

Posted on June 8, 2010


Admittedly, I was very apprehensive of food and restaurants in Amsterdam because of the feedback I had got earlier from my best friend and her boyfriend, who’d been living there since the beginning of September. When I was actually roaming the city, I found the rows and rows of empty restaurants with their owners lingering in the entrance a little bit disconcerting and far from enticing. Many of them were Argentinean eateries which, my friend claimed, served as a cover for shady businesses, with the occasional ignorant tourist wandering inside and getting not such a fantastic dining experience.

The Cafes however, were full. They were another story all together. Out of the hundreds of options, I had the time to sample only a few, and out of these few, I am only going to recommend one, the one where I ate the best sandwich of my life.


As you enter ‘Bakkerij Simon Meijssen’ (a name I have no clue how to pronounce) in the Albert Cuyp Market area, you find yourself surrounded by loaf upon loaf of freshly-made bread and pretty little cakes and desserts proudly displayed on shelves clustered around the entrance. Beyond these visual delights, you’ll find a small space with mismatching armchairs and wooden stools, and a glass wall allowing you to look into the kitchen and watch your food being prepared – always a good thing.

The sandwich I ordered and which I still think so fondly of had a combination of ingredients I had never heard about but which, I’d discover later, seemed to be a regular option in many cafes in Amsterdam – soft, delicate goat’s cheese, walnuts, honey and rucola in a bun which had definitely not been out of the oven for long. I had never thought that such a combination would work, but it was, beyond any doubt, the sandwich I enjoyed eating most in my entire life.

Maybe it was the fresh ingredients (bread which had been lying around too long would have killed it) and the freshly squeezed apple juice, or maybe it was the added benefit of being in very good company. I really don’t know. If I were you though, next time I find myself in Amsterdam, I would give the place, and the sandwich, a shot.


Bakkerij Simon Meijssen

Albert Cuypstraat 53