Sprungli Karma

Posted on May 26, 2010


Do you believe in Karma? Though I am certainly not religious, I definitely do, especially when nowadays, it has been coming to me in the form of wonderful, delicious, exquisite Sprungli chocolate gifts.



It all started with the box of truffles my partner found in our post box, a gift from his bank for his being a loyal customer. It continued with a gift of pralines and truffles from my CAE class students, given to me at the end of our final lesson. And then of course, there was the belated Sprungli and Lindt Easter golden bunny, which I had been dying to buy but never did, and which my partner got for me when I was sick and bedbound. Added to all this was the pleasure of finally stepping into a Sprungli shop to purchase my very first Sprungli cake. For a chocoholic like me, it was like stepping into a temple. Truffles, Luxemburgerli, pralines, small and large cakes were displayed like art pieces in their glass cabinets, and pre-packed cases of all shapes, colours and sizes were arranged as meticulously as if they were the wares of a diamond seller. The staff at the shop was also impeccable. Dressed in a smart and vibrant red uniform, they glided around, handling the chocolate with the greatest of care, looking happy and serene.

Yes, it was like stepping into a temple, because as in a religious experience, an immediate sense of well-being flooded me. One of the women behind the desk eyed me, waiting for me to step forward.  After having pointed shyly at the hazelnut cake I wanted, she proceeded to take it out of the shop window dislay, place it  into a box which she folded into being in a matter of seconds and then briskly fussed over  it for a while, even adding a little ball of paper to stop the cake from wobbling around inside the box.  I was hypnotised. I paid for the cake, but I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay there, and like that scene in the movie ‘Chocolat’, to crawl behind the shop window and gorge on its contents until I fell asleep, bloated and blissful.   When I finally walked out of the confectionary holding the cake, I found that I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot all the way down to my train platform. Everyone told me it was just a cake, but it was not. It was a work of culinary art, of aesthetic perfection, and yes, chocolate is a Swiss stereotype but only because it is not only truly mouth-watering but also beautifully presented. When my partner and I ate the cake and savoured those truffles and pralines, we were, for a bit, unconcerned with our problems and preoccupations. We were carefree. We had been given a little bit of happiness through Sprungli Karma.


P.S. – Just if you’re wondering, the bell and red ribbon are all that’s left of the poor bunny.

– Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @ www.travelwithdenden.wordpress.com

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