Photo Journal – The Changes of Season in the Swiss Countryside

Posted on May 16, 2010


There is something about photography which captivates me. Maybe it’s the ability to preserve a moment with the simple click of a button, or the idea that by doing so, you are taking away with you a little piece of the things you see and the places you visit without physically tampering with them or stealing anything at all. It is enough to take one look at an old picture, and in an instant, you will find yourself there, in its setting, surrounded by those very same smells and sounds experienced maybe recently, maybe a long and largely forgotten time ago.

Today the urge to press the button came when I took a walk in the area I live in (Oberhasli, Zurich) and where the most beautiful field of yellow flowers was in bloom. Seen from afar it was magnificent, a giant blur of sunshine colour against a backdrop of trees. Viewed up close, the single flowers became distinguishable, and the childish wish to plunge myself in their midst and fall down to be cushioned by petals played like a short movie in my head. But the fragrance those thousands of flowers were releasing was so intense that I could not stay long. It was too much of a good thing maybe, because the smell instantly gave me a headache. I suffer, by the way, of hay fever.

At home, I placed my new pictures in my ‘Switzerland Photos’ folder, and in the process  came across other pictures I had taken in the region during similar walks at different times of the year. It was through these images that I realised I had captured the stillness of the passing time, and I also became aware of just how long I had been here in Switzerland. I had, in fact, a record of each season and how the foliage, fields and forests had changed accordingly. To celebrate a soon-to-come full circle, here are those pictures, from most recent to least.










– text and photography by Denise Pulis @

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