World Travel with Lonely Planet Bloggers

Posted on May 9, 2010


Who hasn’t dreamt of travelling the world? And then, who hasn’t remembered their responsibilities, their full-time jobs and all the other bits and pieces of their daily life? Well, for those moments when circumstances do not allow you to pack your bags and soothe your itchy feet, here is a fantastic new resource for you; World Travel by Lonely Planet Bloggers.

As you might have noticed, a few weeks ago, a widget saying ‘Lonely Planet Featured Blogger 2010’ appeared on my website. This is because I applied for and was accepted to be part of the LP Blogsherpa programme, a programme where the best of the travel blogs out there are publish on the LP site. For example, you will find my posts on the LP Zurich page and LP Malta page when you scroll down and look left under the ‘Our favourite blogs’ header, and there are, of course, LP bloggers for practically every destination.

But here is the nifty part. In an attempt to pool all our resources, the LP Blogsherpa blog writers, courtesy of Free, can now be found all on one website displaying the latest 3 posts of each. So the next time you get the travel bug but really can’t afford the time and money to indulge it, simply log on to World Travel with Lonely Planet Bloggers, and the world will be at your fingertips.


Den Den