What I love about Switzerland – The Cows

Posted on April 14, 2010


Switzerland may not do cities very well, but it certainly knows how to do countryside. I say ‘do’ because even natural areas display that Swiss obsession with perfection and order, leaving pastures and fields looking as well-manicured as if they were someone’s enormous front lawn. I have nothing against this, of course, especially since the Swiss countryside is home to an overwhelming number of one of my favourite animals, the cow, grazing freely as if there was no tomorrow. Of course, it would be probably cheaper and easier to shove the poor cows into a tiny shed space and stuff them with processed food, but the Swiss are a pedantic bunch and take pride in making good quality products and showing kindness to their animals. Switzerland, after all, is the nation with the highest consumption of bio products in the world and 11.5% of all its farms are bio.




It could very well be (no, actually I am pretty sure about this one) that we owe the mouth-watering deliciousness of Swiss cheese and chocolate at least partly to those happy cows you see on pastures all over the country. Other than that, they also make for a view which is picture perfect, and they are awfully friendly too.

– Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @ www.travelwithdenden.wordpress.com

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