What I love about Malta – Vittoriosa

Posted on April 4, 2010


Vittoriosa, or Birgu, as it is called in Maltese, is the Jewel of the South. Another peninsula, it boasts picture-perfect views of the Grand Harbour from all sides. Approach the compact city from the main entrance and take your time in exploring the narrow alleys where the houses are protected and as old as the fortified walls of the city themselves. Some are open to the public and you can take a peek inside. When stomachs start grumbling, make your way down to the waterfront and take a look at the marina. Chances are the yachts will be competing for style, size and the sheer ‘wow’ factor coaxed out of passer bys. The marina is lined with a number of cafes and restaurants located in vaults within the bastions themselves. Don Berto (www.donberto.com), on the upper floor, couples marina views with an inspired menu, and the caramelle stuffed with parma ham and tossed in garlic, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and parmesan shavings are something to remember,
For dessert, shift to Tate right beneath Don Berta or walk to the end of the marina, turn right at the luxury newly built flats and sip some wine at Lupanara (www.lupanarabistro.com), set next to a limestone sea water pool and a series of high, derelict limestone arches framing the blue sky or starry night depending on the time.

Tip: If you turn right at the arches, you will eventually reach an open rocky space where at night, you can see Valletta glowing, and beyond it, the Grand Harbour breakwaters. Take your partner here for a romantic view and some alone-time.



Here are some taster photos of the view, but trust me, it gets even better at night.



– Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @ www.travelwithdenden.wordpress.com

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