What I love about Malta – Ta’ Qali and Mdina

Posted on April 4, 2010


For quality objects that capture the spirit of the country, head to the Ta’ Qali crafts village to explore workshops selling stone, lace and glass. One of the best is the Mdina Glass factory (www.mdinaglass.net) where you can see the glass blowers at work during specific times. Granted, the items on sale are a bit pricey but if you look through the ‘damaged’ section you can get items which are not included in the main shop for half the price. Often, the untrained eye is unable to see the flaws for which these pieces have been discarded and you can score excellent bargains.
When you’re done with your shopping, take a walk through the nearby medieval city of Mdina, also known as The Silent City, which lies perched on a hill roughly at the centre of the island. Its fortified location away from the sea was important in earlier days as a protective haven when pirates regularly swept the island and took inhabitants as slaves.
Mdina may be tiny but you can easily forget the passing of time as you wonder through its narrow streets. The best restaurant with the most memorable interior is Bacchus (www.bacchus.com.mt), where you dine under a vaulted ceiling and in rooms of exposed limestone. Change to La Fontanella for delicious home-made chocolate cakes or coffee, and a view stretching  out to the sea (but remember, the food  itself is pretty unimpressive here). 

Street Scene in Mdina


Tip: If you find yourself on the island this May, head to the Earth Garden Eco festival on the 23rd and 24th (2010) in the Ta’ Qali grounds (www.earthgarden.com.mt) for food, music and stalls of ethnic objects to browse through. Here are some pictures of the 2009 Earth Garden: 






– Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @ www.travelwithdenden.wordpress.com 

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