Seoul’s Bong-eunsa and Jogyesa

Posted on April 3, 2010


Original post, February 12 2009

It is my belief that there are very few sounds as beautiful as that of a monk’s chanting. Sheltered amongst the urban jungle of Seoul skyscrapers, Bong-eunsa temple is a gem amongst a sea of traffic, and the sound of chanting drifting a few metres away from a busy road was just surreal. Once again, as in so many locations in this city, I found it almost impossible to separate old from new; to capture the place on camera without a modern building or other popping up in the background. And when I came across a monk, it was common for him to be in his typical white robe while wearing trainers; but this is how Buddhist Seoulites live and embrace their spirituality, and it is, in its own way, immensely beautiful. 





– Text and Photography by Denise Pulis @

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