Hotel Bernard, Malta (Accommodation)

Posted on April 3, 2010


Rule number 1. If you want a hotel room where you can actually sleep at night (unless you are Spanish and have the fantastic capability to power yourself up with an afternoon Siesta and then stay up all night), when in Malta, don’t choose a hotel bang in the middle of Paceville, unless it has very well-insulated walls or you can secure a room away from the party streets. The first time I spent a night at Hotel Bernard, I was lucky enough to have such a room, and it fit the 30 euro price I had paid; New clean bathroom with good shower power and a clean room with bog-standard brown furniture. It wasn’t going to win the award for best-decorated-hotel-room any time soon, but in Malta, you can only expect ‘pretty accommodation’ if you pay 5 star prices. The second time I wasn’t so lucky. The same features applied as before to a larger room, but this time my only source of air and light was a balcony door right at street level facing a set of stairs and a line or bars and clubs which plump at full blast a curious mix of modern, overplayed tracks and totally outdated older ones, until 4 am when by law, they have to turn the music off. This is, unfortunately, every day of the year, although the crowds vary and are ridiculously thick during the spring and summer months. For two nights, despite the exhaustion, the music passed nonchalantly through the walls as if they were made of candy floss. I had to keep the curtains drawn at all times (because people sitting in the bars across the stairs faced the balcony door) and lived as if in a dark cave (though a well air-conditioned one, I must admit) All in all, what Hotel Bernard offers is more appropriate for party animals who specifically want to be close to the action and sleep late or during the day. Then, it’s fantastic value for money in a country where budget accommodation like hostels and guesthouse are hard to find. But if you’re planning a family holiday or bringing over a partner hoping for some romantic nights in, then book Hotel Bernard at your own risk. Also note that although you may book a double bedroom, the ‘double’ bed is always two single ones pushed together, and can get quite inconvenient when you try to get up close to your loved one because one of you, or both, will eventually end up in the space in between which periodically pushes itself open.

Hotel Bernard

St George’s Bay, St Julian’s Malta

Help line: (00356) 2137-3900

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