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Discoveries of a detour – The Fraumunster Cloister Courtyard

April 30, 2010


I have just started discovering Zurich. It helps that it’s finally warm enough to actually ‘move’ when outdoors, and that the sun has finally made its long awaited appearance. It also helps that I no longer look for guidance in guidebooks because their section on Zurich is complete crap. None of the ones I’ve come […]

Beyond Cheese and Chocolate – On Swiss Stereotypes

April 27, 2010


When approximately ten months ago I announced to my friends and family that I was moving to Zurich, Switzerland, I was greeted by the usual Swiss stereotypes. ‘It must be squeaky clean and full of green spaces’, one friend commented. ‘I love Swiss Chocolate!’ another one exclaimed enthusiastically. ‘Send me some when you get there.’ […]

Burning the Snowman – Zurich’s Sechselauten

April 23, 2010


Boom goes the snowman’s head. Everyone cheers, and a woman says ‘mmm…14 minutes…That’s not a good sign.’ Swiss politicians in tights prance by and the streets are fragrant with the spring smell of…horse poo. Where am I? Where else but at Zurich’s annual Sechselauten, a spring festival held on the third Monday of April to […]

Finding corners of Zurich to love – The old botanical gardens

April 21, 2010


I’ve always envied those people who possess an unwavering joie de vivre, who can see the bright side of everything, the beauty in every place. Earlier this week I came across a blog by an expat who adored the very city which I found of very little interest, and I became intrigued. As I read […]

Expat Talk – Why you would (or wouldn’t) want to live in…Malta

April 18, 2010


    It may be hard to believe when you look at the size of the island, but there are plenty of long-term travellers stopping by, and expats who have settled somewhere along the coast and never looked back. Malta’s plus points are quite numerous – mild winters filled with sunny days and spectacular summers, […]

Where the wild things are – Wildnis Park Langenberg

April 16, 2010


   There is no information about  Wildnis Park Langenberg on any guidebook I’ve read. When I type its name into Yahoo Images, only a handful of pictures turn up. A web search is not much more successful. There is, of course, an official website, but it’s only in German, as are most other online references to […]

What I love about Switzerland – The Cows

April 14, 2010


Switzerland may not do cities very well, but it certainly knows how to do countryside. I say ‘do’ because even natural areas display that Swiss obsession with perfection and order, leaving pastures and fields looking as well-manicured as if they were someone’s enormous front lawn. I have nothing against this, of course, especially since the […]